Whether you need extra space for your growing family or to work from home – or you simply want a little more elbow room – a loft conversion is the perfect solution. In today’s uncertain property market, you can create the home of your dreams without the considerable hassle and expense of moving.

A loft conversion can offer many benefits:

  • Expand your house easily and quickly – without giving up your garden.
  • Avoid the disturbance of moving house –
  • Turn unused roof space into a valuable asset.
  • Improve your home in a cost-effective way that offers long-term pleasure.
  • No wonder people are increasingly looking for loft conversion options instead of purchasing and moving to a new property!

Evaluating your loft’s full potential

Want to create an additional bedroom with en suite facilities or a playroom for the children? First establish whether your existing loft space has the potential to be converted.

The easiest way to see if your existing space is suitable for a conversion is to go up into your loft and check whether the height of your loft is appropriate for a living space. If headroom is limited, a conversion may still be possible by either raising the roof or lowering the ceiling of the room(s) below.

Try to assess whether your roof was built using trussed rafters or purlins; it is usually easier to convert the latter into usable loft space. Properties built with a modern trussed roof can also be converted, but more structural work is typically required to provide the proper support.